July 13, 2013

July 4th Part 3: Calumet, Brockway Mountain and Jam Pot

After celebrating the 4th with the family, we decided to explore Keweenaw Peninsula. First stop was the lovely little village of Calumet. Their main street was lined with fun shops, cafes, and an old fashioned candy store. I squealed with joy when I entered this wonderland of confections. While Mr. C and his family were looking at the gift section, I was filling my bucket with salt water taffy. 

And then of course I ate it all in one day.

Later on, we ventured to my favorite spot of the entire trip - Brockway Mountain. It's not really a mountain, but it sure feels like one. The views from the top were breathtaking, the kind that you expect to see on postcards and in the pages of National Geographic. 

{Mr. C looking so small against the vastness of nature.}

 {My sister in-law Karyn and I can't hide our excitement.}

Our next stop was a real gem hiding just around this corner - a little bakery called Jam Pot. It's run by monks, and offers not only baked goods but a wide variety of preserves. The place is so popular that even at closing time there were still people pulling up to the store.

They even had wild strawberry preserves, which I regret not buying.

I chose soft caramel and a raspberry peanut butter brownie instead. They were delish.

{A sign next to the shop that cracked me up and the home of these magical, holy bakers.}

To be continued... 

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