July 15, 2013

July 4th Part 4: The Last Place on Earth, The Way Home

Here are some pics from our last day in the U.P., and a few from our drive back home. We chose a different route for the way back, and what a great decision it was. The drive through the central part of Wisconsin was much more scenic than the ride on highway 141. It probably also helped that we stayed off busy expressways and followed small country highways instead. This part of Wisconsin reminds of the countryside in Lithuania. The whole time I felt as though I was driving to visit my grandparent's farm. The blooming meadows kept reminding me of those days when my cousins and I would challenge ourselves to find as many different flowers as possible and then make flower crowns out of them, or better yet dry them between the pages of old text books.

{Downtown Houghton, MI}


{Waiting for the sun to set on Lake Superior.}

{His and Hers}

{Get your fresh fish on one side of the road, visit the Quincy Mine and museum on the other.}

{The Library - our choice for dining out in Houghton, MI}

{They're watching...}

{The ride back home}

{So long Wisconsin!}

And that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed our pics. 


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  1. Great photos. Really gave a sense of your trip.