July 11, 2013

July 4th Part 2: Iron Mountain, L'Anse Bay and Copper Harbor fireworks

{Serene little spot we discovered somewhere along highway 141}

Here is a promised second round of pics from our road trip. The further north we went the more beautiful the nature became. Farm fields turned into big lush forests, with occasional small towns scattered along the highways. Captivated by the beauty of the scenery we had to make more and more stops.

{Enjoying a gorgeous view in Iron Mountain, MI}

We took advantage of the picnic tables set right next to the lake and had our lunch while soaking in the sun and admiring the picture perfect views.

{L'Anse Bay}

{A home cooked meal and Mr. C playing some tunes while awaiting for it.}

{Typical view in the U.P.}

{Fireworks at Copper Harbor, MI}

This could easily be the best and the longest firework show I've ever seen. Bravo Copper Harbor!

{Some cool effects that C was able to achieve by moving the camera while taking the picture.}

To be continued...


  1. Wow! What fabulous photos! Those fireworks shots are incredible.

    I've only briefly visited Michigan, around the Detroit area which was by all accounts quite horrible. This however looks stunning.

    Just come another 1.5 hours north and you'll be introduced to some of the most beautiful open country in the world. Yes I'm proud of my homeland : )


    1. Suzanne, we actually planned on going to Canada instead. We were going to stop in Toronto for a day or two and the drive up to Montreal and Quebec. That was until a row of some unfortunate events emptied our wallets right before the vacation time. I was quite disappointed, but at least we got to have some fun in Michigan.