July 10, 2013

July 4th Part 1: Milwaukee

As I mentioned last week, Mr. C and I took a road trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was a long and tiring drive but so worth it. The U.P. is a nature and water lover's paradise. No other place I've visited so far has taken my breath away this many times. Most of the photos that we took really don't do it justice, especially since we kept forgetting to switch to a wide angle lens, but I still wanted to share some of them with you over the next few days.

This first round is a collage of our stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We spent a good half day exploring the Third Ward neighborhood of the city.

{Milwaukee Public Market}

A great place to stop to grab a quick bite. I just couldn't walk past their dessert counter. I mean who could ignore rows and rows of mouthwatering chocolate delights in every flavor imaginable. Certainly not me! 

Their cheese selection was just as impressive. It wouldn't be Wisconsin otherwise.

Mr. C had only one request for the Milwaukee stop - their Ale House.

What better way to enjoy the city on a summer afternoon than with a scoop of ice cream down by the riverside.

To be continued...

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