June 30, 2014

Simple Delights

{I wish it was peony season all year long.}

It's amazing what a bundle of these pink pom poms can do for one's mood. I swear flowers radiate positive energy. Every time I look at these beauties my heart melts and I can't help but smile from ear to ear.

{The comfiest, buttery soft ballet flats in the dreamy shade of pink.}

They're called Bagllerinas and they speak French. Ooh, did I mention they're also on sale! My feet have never been happier.

{What weekend without some sweet indulgences.}

These scrumptious desserts are from the farmer's market from our old neighborhood. We rarely come back with fruit or vegetables from our weekend outings but we can never resist treating ourselves to some baked goodies. This weeks choice - chocolate hazelnut and caramel nut tarts.

{I think this might be a start to a new collection.}

Finally found a place and a purpose for my blue and white porcelain vintage trinkets I bought while in Asheville, NC.

{A special delivery from the other side of the pond.}

It's always fun to receive a package in the mail, but never quite as exciting as getting one sent by my mother, all the way from Lithuania. Just seeing the post stamps with the word LIETUVA (Lithuania), makes my heart beat faster. Whatever the content of these bundles may be, they are always the most awaited and treasured deliveries. Each one is filled with my mothers love and longing and I couldn't appreciate them more.

One of the goodies that came in with the latest parcel was a book about Russian fashion historian, collector, interior decorator, theatrical artist and a master of many other things, Alexander Vasiliev. For weeks my mother kept talking about this book every time we had a video chat. There's something incredibly comforting and heartwarming knowing we're both reading the same book on the opposite sides of the globe. Every time I open a new page I feel in some way connected with my mother. It's as if she's sitting in a room next to me ready to comment and laugh at the harsh but true remarks Mr.Vasiliev likes to make about the Russian style.

Have a delightful week everyone!


  1. Those ballet flats look like some I might be able to actually wear, since they look like real ballet shoes which I can wear easily. I bought some Tieks that give me blisters. I was so disappointed.

    That looks like a very interesting book.

    I love the photos here.


  2. I think that these are the kind of things that make our life full of happiness!


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