April 9, 2014

Road Trip: Louisville

Hello! We're back from our adventures. We returned exhausted, with blister covered feet and about 5 pounds heavier (all that southern chicken and waffles wasn't kind to me). Despite this, we feel incredibly enriched and inspired to do more traveling again soon. The hardest part has been getting back to our regular routine when all our thoughts are still in the beautiful places we visited.

During our trip I tried to disconnect from blogging as much as I could, with the exception of Instagram and Facebook. Those of you who run your own blogs know very well how time and energy consuming it can be. Sometimes it is necessary to take a little break and enjoy things around you without the stress of coming up with another post.

In 9 days of traveling we stopped in 8 different cities. It turns out our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomach. Knowing what we know now, we would have planned the trip a little differently. Each of our days looked something like this: 1) drive a half of the day, 2) arrive at the destination city in the evening, 3) check in to our place of stay, 4) go out to dinner, 5) sleep, 6) get up early, 7) explore the city until about lunch time, 8) drive to another stop, 9) repeat. Although we managed to see quite a bit in a little over a week, we spent more time driving than enjoying what each destination had to offer. It was a constant rush from one place to the other, often having to pass up the sights we originally planned to see. If we were to do this again, we would make fewer stops and instead give ourselves several days to explore each city.

It will probably take us several weeks to look through the absurd amount of photos that we took, but here's the first round of pics from our brief stay in Louisville, Kentucky.

{Old Louisville}

My favorite part of the city had to be Old Louisville. It's an area that boasts some of the cities most impressive historic homes. Being a total sucker for old architecture, I really appreciated this part of town.

{Waterfront Park}

After falling in love with Old Louisville, we took a quick walk along Waterfront Park. Unfortunately spring hadn't yet come to the park, but it still offered great view of the river and city skyline.

{Since no one's watching it's a perfect opportunity to be silly.}

{The cozy little house where we stayed.}

 Throughout our entire trip we booked all of our stays through Airbnb. This was a great way to meet local people and get insider views on the places we were visiting, while keeping the costs relatively low.

{Even their cookware is adorable.}

{We were there.}

We'll continue next week in Asheville, NC! Stay tuned...


  1. such beautiful photos kristina! can't wait to hear what you thought about asheville. we went there for my best friends bachelorette party last year and although the weather was AWFUL i still loved it. definitely want to go back when it is nice outside so we can spend sometime exploring the beautiful surroundings :)

  2. Gorgeous photos!

    That photo of you jumping is brilliant : P

    It does sound a little rushed though. I have a bad habit of trying to squeeze too much in as well. Thus why we now try to do some all inclusive resorts where we literally don't plan anything.

    I am sure it is tough getting back to the ever day.


  3. Gorgeous pictures! I have never been.

  4. Looks fun! I've been hearing so many good things about Air B&B lately, I'll have to try it for my next trip.