April 10, 2014

Road Trip: Asheville

Here's the promised second round of our road trip pictures. This time we're in Asheville, NC. We stopped at this eclectic mountain city twice, once on our way down south and then again on our way back. Both of the times we were greeted by the unseasonably cold temperature, which took away a bit of the fun trying to explore the city. In fact, bitterly cold temps followed us all the way to Savannah. So much for the southern escape (and all those spring outfits I packed!). One thing that's impossible not to appreciate about Asheville, though, is the mountains - even when the weather is less than perfect (I'll share the pics in the next post). That alone was so worth the trip.

{A breakfast stop at Laurey's}

Don't Postpone Joy

street chalk art

{The most beautiful mural in the city.}

{Double D's - a coffee shop in a bus. Brilliant!}

We really wanted to test this place out. What we didn't realize was that most coffee shops in Asheville open up later than they do in Chicago (way way later, closer to lunch time than breakfast). Doesn't anyone need a caffeine fix before work around here? 

{Vintage Moon, one of the shops I wondered into.}

{See ya later!}

This place had all kinds of vintage goodies. I had my eyes on their luxurious fur stoles. My husband had to pull me away from them before I blew our daily budget.

{Rows of perfectly worn-in cowboy boots}

{Color coordinating really helps to spot those treasures.}

{ L.O.F.T., another cute little store full of wonders. }

{These deliciously fragrant candles were my favorite.}

{Make sure to look up at least once while visiting this store.}

{One of our favorite Airbnb homes.}

They weren't kidding calling it a "Victorian charmer." My jaw dropped when we entered our room, and I think I gasped when I peeked into our private bathroom. The owner did an amazing job renovating this old house while preserving some of it's best original features. I felt incredibly inspired by her enviable collection of vintage finds paired with modern fixtures. The pictures we took really don't do it justice.

This place doesn't look like much on the outside, but it is a vintage lover's paradise. You can easily spend half the day here, browsing though thousands of antique and vintage treasures. I left the place with quite a few trinkets for our home, but wished we had a larger vehicle so I could have hauled some of their furniture back home.

Stay tuned for my next road trip post, The Blue Ridge Mountains!


  1. these photos are absolutely beautiful kristina. is your husband a photographer? he definitely has skills. i love all the shots you took of the adorable little asheville boutiques. and your Airbnb home? amazing!

  2. I always love your photo journals.

    That shop really looked like a place I could have spent an afternoon in...blowing the budget as you wrote : )

    Already I'd love to take that antique couch home.


  3. Wonderful pictures and they give me a great idea of this place. Looks like a fun place to visit and look around. What a fine selection of items at the vintage store. Hope you found a treasure!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. What a beautiful lovely city!