May 13, 2013

New Do

{Helene Berman jacket, JCrew jeans and sweater, Vince Camuto boots, Zara clutch, Cynthia Rowley scarf, Madewell necklace}

After many years of consideration, I finally chopped off my hair over the weekend. It was surprisingly easy and quite liberating to let it all go. I've had the same haircut since high school and was way overdue for a change. I almost backed out at the last minute, as I was concerned about the extensive styling it may require. I'm glad I stuck with my decision in the end. I absolutely love it! (Thanks to Coco from Art + Science salon in Wicker Park.) My head feels at least a pound lighter and my hair looks a lot less damaged. Although this is probably the best that my new do will ever look, since there's no way I would ever be able to replicate what the stylist did, I'm quite excited about other styling possibilities. 


  1. This looks fabulous on you! What a big change : )

    Usually this denotes other changes in a person's life. Anything big you'd like to announce? ; P

    I had my hair in a similar cut for years and years and loved it.

    As far as styling it goes...Play around with it a bit. You might be surprised what you can do on your own if you take a bit of time.

    My goal is to find a girlfriend that is also a hair far no luck.

    I love the boots.


    1. Oh, you make me laugh, Suzanne. No, there's no big news to announce. It's just me being adventurous. Or screaming for a change...

      Having a friend who's also a hair stylist would be seriously awesome. I could really use some help in this department. Perhaps I should start the search.

  2. Kristina, the new do looks great! Perfect for Springtime and the upcoming hot summer days :)

    1. Thank you, Dea! Yes, having less hair during hot humid days is certainly nice. I just made that discovery yesterday, when the temperature jumped to the high 80s here in Chicago.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.