May 15, 2013

Blue Velvet

{J.Crew blazer, jeans, blouse, necklace, and pumps, Charles David clutch (via TJ Maxx)}


  1. Oh wow....I love it all. hair still looks fab you must have figured out how to style it on your own now : )


  2. Love the new hair!!

    -MC @

  3. I love your blazer! I've been eyeing the J Crew blazer in the new schoolboy this season (navy, of course). Did you size up or down in the blazer? And how is the lining in your blazer? The new one looks great, but the lining is a simple blue. Really wish I'd invested in the velvet awhile ago!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'm usually a size 0 or 2 in tops. I bought this jacket in 0, which is my typical size for J. Crew blazers and outerwear. However, I'm not sure if the current style still runs the same way. I noticed that some J. Crew items are very inconsistent when it comes to size. For example their Matchstick jeans (my absolute favorite) are consistent in a couple of colors, while the rest of the washes fit completely differently. It's a bit annoying when a company claims that something is cut the same way yet in reality it's really not.

    2. The lining is fuchsia in the sleeves (nice if you want to roll them up) and some neutral color that's hard to describe, something between beige and gold, in the rest of the body. There's also a ruffle detail on the bottom of the lining. I wonder if they still do that in latest styles.