November 19, 2012

Sheep Sweater

{Madewell sweater, J.Crew shirt, Willi Smith jeans (via TJ Maxx), Nine West boots, Margot handbag, Target belt, Jewelmint rings}

I've been seeing animal motifs on sweaters everywhere this season. From owls and foxes to meerkats and chickens - there's something for any animal lover (I've yet to find the hedgehog version though). While most of the offerings have left me indifferent this Madewell sheep sweater stole my heart before it even became available in stores. I feel bad for the poor sales associates who had to deal with me calling the store week after week awaiting impatiently for the sweater to arrive. Once it did, it did not disappoint. Surprisingly it goes with more things than I imagined. One thing that's necessary to pull off an animal sweater if you're past the age of 10 though, is to have a sense of humor. You can't wear a flock of sheep in striped socks all over your chest and  take yourself too seriously!


  1. Love this outfit head to toe, and such a cute pic that last one ;)

  2. A little late on commenting here, but I just bought that sweater right before I saw this post! Kept me smiling all day, those sheep with their stripy socks. Cute outfit, love the shirt under it! :)

    1. I get the same reaction whenever I wear that sweater. It might be a tad silly but it makes me happy.