September 1, 2012

Simple (Lithuanian) Delights

 This post is way overdue. It's been several weeks since I came back from my trip to Lithuania. I had completely forgotten about a handful of photos I took of some of my favorite things in my native country.

 {Flower pots and window boxes adorning the city}

One thing I really love seeing in Europe. It instantly livens up even the oldest, run down buildings. 

{The tastiest tomatoes I've ever had, straight from my mama's garden}

No tomatoes I've ever bought in the US have come even close in flavor.

{A typical breakfast - creamy cottage cheese, topped with homemade frozen strawberry preserves}

{A handmade doll sitting in the restaurant window}

The Old Town of my native city is full of little art galleries. A real feast for the art lovers like myself. I spotted this amazing doll in the window at the bottom of the stairs below the street level. It's a secret treasure!

{Cepelinas - our national dish}

It would be a sin to go to Lithuania and not to have one of these (two would be even better, if you can handle it). They are very large zeppelin like potato dumplings with a meat center, usually topped with sour cream and bacon bits. A real danger for your waistline but good for your soul. Making them requires skill, lots of time, and special equipment. I would never dare to attempt to cook them myself, but I was delighted to have my mom prepare them to celebrate my arrival. What a treat!