August 18, 2012

Par Avion

{Anthropologie dress, sunglasses, and bracelet, J.Crew belt}

Last week I took a short trip to my native Lithuania. Short as in days spent at the destination not the time it took to get there and back (42 dreadful hours of pacing the airports and fighting to get comfortable on planes in the span of just 10 days felt anything but short.) It was a very unexpected last minute decision but one I'm so glad I made. I needed to get away from the routine and spend some time close to my family and my culture. I was going to continue posting while overseas, I even did some work beforehand to save myself some time later. However, all my plans went out the window after my arrival. I apologize for that. I was lazy. Although after 20 something hours of travelling topped with an 8 hour time difference, it's no surprise that one would feel less than enthusiastic about staring at a computer screen.

The main reason I couldn't make myself write a single post, though, was that I simply didn't want to waste a minute doing anything else but spend quality time with my loved ones. The truth is, it was the second time I got to see them in 11 years. So, yes, every minute was precious, and I wanted to dedicate it solely to them. Many of my friends and relatives didn't even know about my visit this time around. I can only hope that they will understand my desire to give this short time I had to my mom and my sister. Though brief, this was a week I dreamed about and long for so desperately. It was quiet, but so fulfilling. It's amazing how simple everyday things like walks in the park or trips to the mall can become unforgettable moments when you were denied them for a decade. Suddenly just sitting next your mom or hearing your sister open up to you for the first time in years can bring tears to your eyes.

OK, this is getting a bit too emotional (where are the violins?). The important thing is I'm back (at least physically, anyway) with more outfits and simple delights to share. Thanks for sticking with me.

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