June 30, 2015

Simple Delights

{Sweet mail}

I can never turn down any chocolate, especially when it comes packaged as beautifully as this. Almost too pretty to open.

{Wrapping up something special to brighten up someone's day.}

{A quiet moment enjoying afternoon tea sweetened with herb-infused honey.}

{The tiniest, prettiest perfume bottle my mother gave me when I was a little girl.}

I was recently reunited with it the last time I went back to Lithuania. The biggest surprise was to discover that it still held perfume I used back in high school - Violet by Avon. It's a time capsule in a bottle. 

{These peachy-soft cheeks and that adorable, heart-melting pout of our sweet nephew Jamie Bingham - quite possibly the cutest baby that ever lived.}

1 comment:

  1. Your nephew is adorable!! Look at that face <3 So precious. Also, that perfume bottle is so pretty and how special that you still had it! Especially since there was still perfume in it. I'm sure it must have brought you right back to those days.