May 20, 2014

Road Trip: Knoxville

The last stop of our road trip was Knoxville, Tennessee. Though it wasn't originally on the list of places we wanted to see, it was a convenient rest stop between Asheville and Chicago, as well as a chance to visit one of Mr. C's high school friends. To our surprise we ended up enjoying the city quite a bit. The weather turned out beautiful that day which made this brief stay even more pleasant. It may not be a big city, but it has plenty to offer.

Knoxville's main drag, Gay Street, is lined with theaters, bars, restaurants and shops. At night it seems to come alive with people, music and good times.

K-Town is definitely a music city. The Big Ears music festival was happening that weekend, and it felt as if there was someone performing on every corner. Too bad we couldn't spend more time soaking in the sounds of the city.

{ Mr. C couldn't pass up the The Parlor music shop. }

While I was sticking my nose in all the cute shops along Market Square, Mr. C happened upon a treasure trove of impressive graffiti in a nearby alley. You never know what you might find when you're not looking.

{ JFG Coffee building - now trendy apartments }

For our last Airbnb stay of the trip, we wanted to try something a little different. About 10 minutes drive outside of Knoxville, we found a genuine log cabin, complete with handmade wood carvings, barn quilts, and plenty of country charm. And our hosts were some of the most warm and welcoming people we encountered during our trip. If you're looking for a fun place to stay next time you're in Knoxville, try Bear Creak Lodge. We loved it.

And at last we have come to the end of our spring break road trip. It's taken us a long time to sort through all our photos. Thanks for sticking with me. Now it's time to plan our next adventure!


  1. My fiancé and I were just saying we want to check out Nashville soon, so Knoxville might have to be a stop as well! It looks like such a cute and fun place. And you got to stay in a log cabin?! Awesome! I would just love that.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at these photos, it made me think about just how huge America is and how many different faces it has. I only saw a very small patch when I went a few years ago and now I want to go back and explore the rest (or as much as I can anyway!) That cabin looks perfect! xxx
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  3. Wonderful photos! We've stayed in log cabins before. They are especially nice in the winter : )