April 21, 2014

Road Trip: Charlotte

Our stay in Charlotte was particularly brief because we had a long drive to Savannah ahead of us. We quickly ran through a couple of areas, one being NoDa, the other Uptown

{We just had to take a picture of this adorable pale blue Beetle.}

{St. Peter's Catholic Church and the "Firebird" statue in front of  The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.}

This place was recommended to us by one of our Airbnb hosts. I'm so glad we were able to make a quick stop and pick up a few mouth watering creations despite our lack of time. The decor inside the bakery was also something worth seeing. I mean how awesome is that hanging fixture bellow? 

{Caffeine stop at the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse.}

{NoDa neighborhood}

{How perfect is this fire house?}

Stay tuned for out next stop... Savannah!


  1. Another great travel post! These are really making me want to take a trip to the south! That little cafe is so cute and charming—exactly what I would expect in Charlotte :)