December 13, 2013

Simple Delights

{A miniature bottle of powdery fresh scent - perfect for carrying in your purse.}

{Self-made Thanksgiving day center piece bouquet that's still in full bloom weeks later.}

Putting this arrangement together took me back to the time I studied at Flower Design school (many many years ago). What I loved most about that experience, was coming home with fresh flowers every day. Oh, how I miss those days! That fresh aroma filling up the space! I always say, if I were a rich girl, I'd have flowers in every room, every day of my life. That and a rose garden in my back yard, where I would read, sip afternoon tea, and daydream. Ah! Aren't flowers one of the most divine creations of nature?

{A little early holiday gift - a set of gorgeous fall color nail polish.}

I especially love Smashed - a deep, rich purple with tiny flecks of sparkles. I know I'll be wearing it a lot around the holidays.

{There's hearts in my boots!}

Receiving these timeless suede booties that literally go with everything was exciting. Finding red hearts inside of them made me totally smitten. This could be the cutest packaging idea ever!

{A little pink gift box that traveled all the way from Israel.}
And inside...

A few weeks back I was contacted by the company called My Monogram Necklace who kindly offered to send me a piece of my choice from their collection. I've always been a fan of personalized jewelry, yet I've never owned any. I never seemed to find that perfect one piece that I could love forever. After browsing through their selection for hours and seeing some of my favorite designs on several other bloggers, I chose this classic piece (though I also really loved this Filigree design  as well as the simplicity of this Initials Bar Necklace). I knew this necklace would look great during warmer months worn with a simple button down shirt or other open neck item. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it looks just as fabulous over a simple sweater. It adds just a touch of warmth and sparkle in the most classic way. Thank you My Monogram Necklace! I think I found my new favorite!

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