March 1, 2013

Simple Delights

{Chocolate overload}

A few months back one of our dear friends offered us a couple of Godiva Chocolatier reward cards. He was heading back home to Europe and wasn't going to have a chance to use them. Free chocolate? How could I say no to that? There's no way I was going to let those cards expire. Thanks, Bruno! This was quite a treat!

{The Book of Awesome}

I'm a sucker for books that remind me of simple pleasures in life. Perhaps because I tend to concentrate and dwell on the negative, often times missing the good things that surround me. During one of my trips to Home Goods I stumbled upon this cute little book. It cost next to nothing, yet it filled my week with fun reading. It's a collection of simple everyday events that bring joy to our lives, if only we take time to recognize them. One of my favorites is "The other side of the pillow." You know that felling when you get hot and uncomfortable in the middle of the night, and with a simple flip of your pillow your bed feels cool and fresh again? It's one of many awesome things I do every day, yet never appreciated before reading this little treasure.

{Happy feet}

It may be snowing outside but my mind is set on the warm months ahead. Painting my toes a punchy hue reminds me that spring is just around the corner. 

{Getting in shape with Jillian Michaels}

I have to admit, I hate working out. I've never been athletic. I'd disappear in the bathroom during gym classes, or run to the end of the line before it was my turn to shoot hoops, high jump or do any other activity I was bad at. I couldn't run, I couldn't throw, I would cover my face, every time a ball flew my way. Every attempt to introduce some physical activity to my lifestyle has failed miserably in the past. If I looked and felt as I did in my mid twenties, I would never workout. The sad reality is that things have been changing - slowly but steadily. I can no longer fit into most of my jeans, but most importantly, I can't make it to a third floor without loosing my breath. The latter is what really concerned me and forced me to take some action. I thought hard about what would be the best option for me knowing my lack of motivation. I knew signing up for a gym membership would most likely be a waist of money. Jogging outside when its blistery cold seemed plain brutal. So I went with one of the least expensive options that I could do in the comfort of my home - workout DVDs. I'm glad to report, I've been able to stick with the routine for about a month now. Though I don't do it as often as I should, I still do it regularly and that is a big deal for me, considering my past failures.

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  1. I broke down 3 year ago and bought a treadmill. Best decision ever. Now when it is super cold or too hot I can still run or do hills on the treadmill. I've been neglecting it as of late, but your post is just want I needed to make sure I get on it today.