October 19, 2012

Simple Delights

{Statement jewelry to adorn those plain old sweaters.}

{Simple greenery}

I love having fresh flowers around the house. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy them as often as I'd like. Lately I've been inspired to use some inexpensive greenery to bring some nature into my home. The best part about using greenery instead of flowers is that they tend to look best in containers that you may already have sitting in your recycling bin - empty glass jars, bottles, even metal tins. I love using chemistry beakers that I have in various sizes.

{Botanical prints by a local artist Danilo Cuevas}

I discovered this artist a few summers back during one of the art fairs in Chicago. I fell in love with the poppy print which seemed perfect for my blue and red bedroom. A year later we ran into this artist again during another art fair, and of course I had to get another print. I think I officially started a new collection.

{Soft lantern light above our entryway}

 Whenever the sun starts to set and the lanterns around our apartment building light up, I can't help but embrace the moment. There's something about the glow of old lanterns  that seems so warm and inviting - almost magical. It also signifies the end of the day, when the work is done and it's time to be with our loved ones. It always makes me wonder what other people are doing at this time of the day. Perhaps they're having a family dinner, or maybe a friends gathering, perhaps someone somewhere is reading fairy tales to their children...

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