October 3, 2012

Into the Woods

{Anthropologie dress, J.Crew pumps and belt, Express clutch, JewelMint earings}

As I mention in the previous post, last weekend C and I attended his sister's wedding. Without a doubt it was the most beautiful event I've ever been a part of. The weather was a real treat (considering is was the end of September) and the scenery in the woods this time of year - simply breathtaking. I'm still living in the memories of this unforgettable day.

This silk lace dress is my favorite special event attire. It almost looks like a precious family heirloom. It reminds of my grandmother's pillow covers that she used to spend months embroidering. It's mostly neutral color makes it appropriate for so many occasions. I've worn it from weddings to baptisms. Each time it gets more compliments than I can handle.

And here is Mr.C with his orange bow tie playing some tunes, while the guests are taking their spots before the ceremony.


  1. You look so lovely in this dress! The backdrop for the wedding looks absolutely magical, what a creative way to celebrate love.

  2. Thank you Dea! What a pleasant surprise to see your comment here. I've been reading your blog for several years. In fact it's always open in my browser. That's how much I like it. I'm incredibly flattered you stopped by at my little blog.