September 24, 2012

Simple Delights

{Wild strawberry tea brought back from Lithuania}

Tea tastes even better when served in fancy tea cups.

{Insanely delicious Argentinian cookie}

It's a buttery cookie with a soft caramel layer, dipped in white chocolate. It literally melts in your mouth. We found them at our local farmer's market but you can order yours online at Lucila's Homemade.

{Sweet little book for easy weekend reading}

Although the whimsical illustrations by Sujean Rim are the main reason why I purchased it; I've been obsessed with her work ever since the beginning of Daily Candy.

{New leather cuffs to go with the fall wardrobe}

The best part is that I found these at discount stores. The cuff with brown leather and green crystal beads is from Nordstrom's Rack, while the blue one with gold hardware was a  T.J.Maxx score.

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